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Journey Awards

Canadian Basketball Celebration

The Journey Awards Canadian Basketball Celebration presented by P.H.A.S.E. 1 Youth Association is an annual event that regularly recognize those who have made the greatest contribution to their basketball community through national awards and honors, in order to preserve their accomplishments and inspire greater performances.

Proceeds from the Journey Awards provides financial support through our Journey Awards Scholarship Fund. With the rapid growth of basketball in Canada, more families are being challenged with navigating a complex basketball community.


"Celebrating the Accomplishments of the Canadian Basketball Community Since 1998.”

The Journey Awards began in 1998 when Founder, Wayne Dawkins started annually awarding provincial and national awards for player and coach of the year at the high school level. That effort would grow to include awards for lifetime achievement, community service, scholarships and Hall of Fames.

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annual national awards for individuals, groups, events and milestones 


mentors and resources to assist those that may fall through the cracks while on their journey to adulthood

Hall of Fame

conserving the true history of Canadian basketball trailblazers and heroes

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