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Journey Awards Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame

The explosion of Canadian basketball is celebrated with great admiration and praise from the global basketball community. Our basketball peers are looking to our Hall of Fames for a deeper understanding of how the individuals enshrined as trailblazers and heroes, accomplished our rise to prominence.


In 2019 P.H.A.S.E. 1 expanded the annual Journey Awards Celebration to include a Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame with ​the mission to display the countries diverse culture and multi-tiered basketball system that it was built on. While, preserving the history of praiseworthy legends who have inspired greatness and elevated Canadian basketball to a beacon of excellence. 


​The Journey Awards for Canadian Basketball began in 1998 when Founder, Wayne Dawkins started annually awarding provincial and national awards for player and coach of the year at the high school level. That effort would grow to include awards for lifetime achievement, community service and more.


The Journey Awards Hall of Fame Committee consists of experts committed to the goal of conserving the true Canadian history of leaders that lay the foundation to harness the greatest rise of basketball talent in modern times, whose history has been lost or omitted.

To assist the mission of the Journey Awards Hall of Fame committee, please review our criteria and submit a nomination today!

Nominee Eligibility

Criteria for Entry


a player, coach, referee, or organizational leader with a significant or lasting impact on basketball locally or globally.


teams that have overcame huge obstacles and accomplished great feats on and off the basketball court  


a significant events that changed the course of Canadian basketball or ushered in an new era


league, tournaments, showcases, and all star event that have shaped the culture of Canadian basketball


clubs, committees, companies and business that have created lasting infrastructure that has shaped the growth of basketball 


schools, community centres, recreational facilities, outdoor courts that have facilitated the overall growth and development of basketball

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Deadline June 1, 2021
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